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Welcome to The Best Worst of Philadelphia Craft Brewing website! Here you will find information related to our brewery, upcoming events and of course, our beer. We are not yet a commercially-licensed brewery, but we are working on becoming a nano-brewery in the near future. While we keep brewing in the mean time, please enjoy some of our free beer!

Our Beer

Currently Available

Vanilla Bourbon Porter - A robust porter fermented with vanilla beans that have been soaked in bourbon. A nice way to keep warm during the winter months.
Availability: Bottled, Draft


Honey Pale Ale - With this release of Honey Pale Ale we made a few modifications to produce a more well-rounded brew. At 7% ABV this brew is still very strong, but we dry-hopped it for added flavor and aroma, giving this ale the little extra it needed to be all the more enjoyable.

Honey Chamomile Kölsch - This Strange Brew combines spelt (an ancient relative of wheat), chamomile and honey to produce a very unique twist on a a traditional style.

Sweet Potato Ale - Autumn is a favorite season for many reasons, including the seasonal brews that come about such as Pumpkin Ales. We decided to put a twist on this popular style by substituting the pumpkin with sweet potatoes. Sure to be a fall holiday favorite, this brew is certainly unique!

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